Simpo PDF to Word v3.3.0.0 Full Crack

Simpo PDF to Word merupakan suatu aplikasi yang berguna untuk menganti/konvert file berjenis .pdf menjadi file berjenis doc/docx. Tapi jangan khawatir meskipun dikonvert extensinya menjadi doc/docx aplikasi tersebut tidak akan merubah sedikitpun tulisan maupun gambar didalamnya, bagaimana dengan fiturnya? cekibrot aja deh,,

Key features of Simpo PDF to Word:
  • Easy to use Interface :
Like all Simpo PDF products, Simpo PDF to Word provides you an intuitive interface, which is popular for both experts and beginners. Just two clicks: Import files, click convert and done!
  • 100 Preserve Layouts :
All layouts, text, images and other contents in PDF file are amazingly preserved after its converted to word document.
  • High Speed Conversion :
Simpo PDF to Word only takes seconds, and even faster, to convert a huge pdf file to .doc without any quality lost. Whats more, it supports batch conversion to save your time.
  • Advanced Settings :
There are two options for the output. Your final Word files could be plain text (no images) or keep all layouts.
  • Standalone Application :
Simpo PDF to Word is a standalone application, which means you neednt extra install Microsoft Office Word, Adobe Acrobat or Reader to convert any PDF files.

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Windows 7 Blog said... [Reply Comment]

waduuuh, bener2 sy nih sob, bodo banget sy!
pdhal ada software sgampang ini, tinggal convert pdf ke doc!
slama ini, sy tuw copy di PDFnya baru sy paste diword,,,,
ya ampyunnnnnn,,, download dong!

iplock said... [Reply Comment]

wah boleh nih,ijin donlot ya sob...

tapi kebanyakan pdf to word pasti jelek jadinya,kalo yang ini gimana sob!!!

zhanaz45 said... [Reply Comment]

Maaph sebelumnya tapi ada kabar buruk :(( nich mampir SINI yach..

OZY-W said... [Reply Comment]

Bagus infonya sob, Sukses selalu ya

Adhi said... [Reply Comment]

aku disini terbang gannn met malem minggu disini malem minggu hujan deras tp ttp ke warnet demi menyapa sobat blogger

Agit said... [Reply Comment]

makasi kanggg .
kunjung balik yaa .^.^

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