Advanced JPEG Compressor 2011.9.1.98 Full Patch

Advanced JPEG Compressor 2011.9.1.98 Full Patch merupakan aplikasi yang berguna untuk mengkompres gambar menjadi lebih kecil tanpa menghilangkan kualitas gambarnya, khususnya pada gambar yang berekstensi seperti JPEG/JPG.

Klik Gambar Untuk Memperbesar Tampilan

Pas bener nih buat sobat yang hobi upload foto-foto narsisnya via facebook atau buat sobat yang punya blog, biar blognya nggak terasa berat karena banyaknya gambar yang ukurannya besar sehingga lola untuk di akses, percaya nggak percaya ini lah buktinya cekidot.

Klik Gambar Untuk Memperbesar Tampilan

Features :
  • Interactivity - the process of compression becomes visual, effectively trading image quality with file size by adjusting the compressor's settings. It also offers a preview of the resulting image immediately in the result image preview window
  • Multi-document interface allows you to work with many images at the same time, enabling you to view and compare different compression parameters applied to either the same or different images
  • Advanced JPEG compression engine, specially optimized for higher image quality, considerably reduces the file size of images and provides the most comprehensive set of options to tune the compression level
  • Profiles considerably improve processing of multiple images with similar characteristics. A profile contains the most important compression parameters along with resizing information. You can create, save, edit and apply named profiles
  • Photo hosting integration allows you to save photos in the Web. Our photo hosting service allows you to upload and store your photos on our web server. Use this feature to share your photos online - email links, insert photos in forums, use for auctions, etc.
  • Command-line processing ability lets you to automate base image processing tasks
  • Graphic Detail Quality Equalizer is a unique feature that gives you significant flexibility in adjusting the compressed image quality. Its 5 bands are intended to tune the compression level applied to the image details with different sizes (ranging from large to small)
  • Compression-oriented image prefiltering helps to achieve better compression/optimization results and improve the visual appearance of an image. You can choose one of five filters and change the level and radius (depth) of applying the active filter
  • Separate compression sliders for Luma(intensity) and Chroma(color) channels allow you to gain better compression results, eliminate color artefacts, and significantly improve the compressed image quality
  • Hold the defined compression ratio is a unique feature for graphic software that allows you to create images whose file size is limited by the defined compression ratio (like the "bit rate" parameter for audio files), and does not depend on their content
  • Selective image compression - some areas of the image can be compressed more or less than others. This useful feature allows you to save high quality for the most important parts of the image (faces,etc.), and lower for the rest, achieving excellent compression results
  • Progressive JPEG images support; images in this format being published on the Web will be incrementally displayed (gradually improving their quality) during loading from the Internet or other communications
  • Additional options for adjusting precision of compression allow you to get the best result depending on the priority: small file size or high image quality (which means large file size)
  • Ability to acquire images from TWAIN compliant devices - such as scanners or digital cameras
  • Image Resizing(Resampling) by using one of three implemented high-quality interpolation methods
  • Viewing/Editing the invisible text (signature, copyright notice, comments, etc.) embedded in your JPEG file
  • Possibility to crop unnecessary portions of the image
  • Easy-to-use and highly customizable user interface
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Indrazz Afterlife said... [Reply Comment]

wah makasih udah share gan....

DHYSHARE said... [Reply Comment]

Artisteer 3 Full Version @Software Perancang Template Blog Blogger.

EX-DOT said... [Reply Comment]

@Indrazz Afterlife : sama-sama gan :)

@DHYSHARE : wah udah release versi 3nya ya :)


Bener nih ngga mengurangi kualitas resolusi gambar nya??

ane coba download sob

XaOn said... [Reply Comment]

saya udah mencoba gan, dan hasilnya sangat memuaskan foto yang besarnya hampir 1MB bisa menjadi 100KB dan tanpa mengurangi kualitas gambar foto tersbut

beyey said... [Reply Comment]

thanks ya gan... ane follow u... ditunggu follow bliknya...

EX-DOT said... [Reply Comment]

@CSS TRICKS TO STRONG MENU NAVIGATION : bener sob di coba aja dulu dari pada penasaran ntar nggak bisa tidur,, :D

@XaOn : wow drastis bener nurunnya :-o

@beyey : sip laksanaken :)

Anonymous said... [Reply Comment]

cariin autocad 2011 donk

Naik kelas 3, kalo kamu? said... [Reply Comment]

tadi mau donlot trus komputer k-restart hmm, mau sedot lagi :))
visitback mas #CekInfo

Said Arsyad said... [Reply Comment]

wih, ini trik perlu saya coba sob. tapi yang saya gumunkan, kok gambar sebagai contoh itu plants and zombie?

EX-DOT said... [Reply Comment]

@Anonymous yang 2012 mau??

EX-DOT said... [Reply Comment]

@Naik kelas 3, kalo kamu? : sip di download lagi aja gan.

btw selamat ya buat PR 3nya, hhe

EX-DOT said... [Reply Comment]

@Said Arsyad : iya soalnya saya cuma punya satu gambar yang HD gan, klw pake foto saya bisa kena DPO ntr,, hhe

Asmara Susanto said... [Reply Comment]

iy sob, hmm
ngomong2 setelah ane donlot trus patchny kok ddeteksi AVG ane menurut AVG itu termasuk virus :-t jadi gk bisa make deh :(

EX-DOT said... [Reply Comment]

@Asmara Susanto : AVG emank sensi banget gan jadi klw mau gunaiin patchnya matikan dulu AVGnya, kalau saya pake Kaspersky tapi nggak mendeteksi adanya virus pada patch.

Anonymous said... [Reply Comment]

autocad yang 2012
tolong d cariin y :)

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