Fastream IQ Proxy Server 3.6.6R With Patch

Siang sobat blogger? alhamdulilah hari ini saya dapat berposting kembali dengan penuh rasa rindu walaupun 1 hati tidak dapat share kepada sobat blogger,,, nah di sini saya akan membahas yang namanya Fastream IQ Proxy Server. Fastream IQ Proxy Server 3.6.6R adalah fitur negara arsitektur multiple-connections/thread-the-art asynchronous, menyediakan desain arsitektur terkuat untuk Windows dengan memanfaatkan beberapa CPU / CPU-core dan menghindari "thread". Fastream IQ Proxy Server 3.6.6R Ini desain unik memungkinkan aplikasi untuk mendukung lebih dari 10k koneksi pada waktu yang sama berikut fitur - fitur yang mencangkup Fastream IQ Proxy Server cekidot,,,

  • Runs as NT-service on all 32/64-bit Windows with very little resources
  • Able to listen on multiple IP/ports and scalable up to tens of thousands of simultaneous connections
  • Load balancing in URL-aware fashion: point each domain/path to different target LAN server/port
  • Bandwidth limiting per URL rule per IP/port
  • GZip compression accelerator with configurable compression rates for each object extension
  • Failover protection with both ICMP and HTTP server validation
  • Cookies created make session persistence possible among client-to-target-server matching
  • Filter/pass firewall: Filter with respect to IP, reverse DNS and even client IP country
  • High performance on-the-fly HTML absolute link transformer
  • and dynamic DNS auto updater client built-in
  • User-friendly HTTP/XML controller interface for remote admin access
  • HTTP/1.1 basic and digest authorization with users definable per URL rule
  • LAN Client connection pooling
  • Supports W3C Extended Log Format with selectable fields and NFServer v2 screen and file logging--configurations setable in URL granularity
  • Customizable pages for "target server not found" and "requires authorization" errors
  • Client connections pooled with dynamic load determination algorithm

Password : ex-dot
Download | Fastream IQ Proxy Server 3.6.6R With Patch


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