GraphicsGale 1.93.11 Portable

Siang sobat blogger? sebelumnya saya belum membuka selamat kepada sobat blogger,, saking kangennya sih sama sobat ,, hhe okelah klo begitu mari kita mulai pertunjukannya lho? kok pertunjukan emang nie blog tempat sirkus yak?hhe okeh - okeh dari pada ngomong yang ngga - ngga langsung aja, ke postingan ke dua ini cekidot,,,

GraphicsGale adalah software untuk editing gambar raster format. Anda dapat retouch foto, cat gambar, dan sebagainya. Tidak seperti kebanyakan bitmap editor, GraphicsGale bisa membuat gambar animasi dengan melihat preview-nya. Fitur ini harus berguna untuk membuat GIF animasi atau karakter video game.

Berikut tampilan GraphicsGale 1.93.11 Portable :

Main features:
  • Multiple frames for an animation
  • Multiple layers with an alpha blending
  • Real-time preview in editing
  • Onion Skin
  • Painting tools (Pen, Connect Line, Spline Curve, Rectangle, Oval, Filled Oval, Color Replacer)
  • Drawing text (Bordering, Character Pitch, Antialiasing)
  • Selecting tools (Rectangular Selection, Oval Selection, Lasso, Magic Wand, Selection By Color)
  • Rotate, Stretch, Scroll
  • Adjust Color, Grayscale, Various Effects
  • Saves to file, Loads from file
  • Changes the order of colors
  • Makes a gradation
  • Removes unused colors
  • Unites duplicate colors
  • Uniforms colors from multiple files
  • Batch conversion
  • GIF optimization
  • Confirms a file size and an image quality of JPEG
  • Outputs an animation as multiple files or a combined file
  • Imports multiple files as one image
  • Supports SusiePlugin
  • Acquires an image from a TWAIN
  • Prints multiple frames
  • Image Browser
  • Customizes shortcut keys

Password : ex-dot
Download | GraphicsGale 1.93.11 Portable


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salam kenal sob...

Anonymous said... [Reply Comment]

ini udah yg fullnya gk gan?

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